Health & Wellness Coaching

We start off with a consultation to determine your needs and goals.  As a functional medicine health coach, I do a an analysis of your available lab work, health history and symptoms checklist and create a plan based on your needs. Together we will  explore and figure out the root cause of your health concern. Your unique plan will include recommended lifestyle changes, supplements  (if needed), possible lab testing to dig deeper and easy to follow steps. My focus as coach is to educate, inspire and empower you to make lasting lifestyle changes so you will not only get healthy, but stay healthy!

 Most of my clients have been on almost every diet or weight loss program on the market, only to gain the weight back. Doing diet after diet, is like filling a leaking bucket with water, but not fixing the hole. The only way to see sustainable weight loss, is to get to the root cause and get healthy, be it thyroid issues, autoimmunity, gut health, metabolic disease,  insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances or toxicity.

Produce and Meal prepping

During the lockdown I explored with various ways in which to prep produce in order to avoid going to the store too often. I finally figured out how to prep and store my fresh produce in a way to make it last around 2-3 weeks. Not only does this save me a lot of time, but also money.


This is a group class – it is divided over 4 days with an 1 hour Zoom meeting each day. Get your friends together for a private class! Not only will you learn to prep your veggies, but also to do meal planning and ways to always have fresh produce ready as snacks in your fridge.


Weight Loss





I love working with weight loss. It is so rewarding to see how a little bit of weight loss can make a huge difference in how a person feel, react and carry themselves.


I offer different weight loss programs. All of these programs are focused on reducing inflammation, gut health, and learning how food affects the body.

Certified Shape Reclaimed Practitioner – 8 week program 

9 week  weight loss program – using supplements and follow a very guided elimination diet.

6 week Healthy Choices program – 6 weeks of nutritious recipes while learning how to read ingredient labels, how to shop and how to make healthier swaps. 

2 week “Let’s explore” program –  2 week crash course on the effect of food on the body and how to change your mindset about food.

2 week  Reboot – You know how to make healthy choices, but fell off the wagon or went off roading? Let me help you get back on track!

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